400g Dog/Cat Repellent

400g Dog/Cat Repellent

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  • Keeps pets and other animals away from furniture, shrubs, flowers, garbage can, etc.
  • Should be used in conjunction with training
  • For both indoor and outdoor situations
  • Guarantee: Methyl Nonyl Ketone....1.9%

Directions for Indoor Use:

  • Use to break habits such as sleeping on furniture, rugs and other forbidden areas in your home
  • Spray the article desired lightly with the repellent so that the area or object is slightly moistened
  • Test the effect of repellent by treating an inconspicuous area of article
  • May stain or soften some fabrics or plastics
  • To avoid possible damage spray a piece of cloth lightly and place it on the object or area in your home to be protected
  • Repeat daily, or as necessary, until undesirable habit is broken

Directions for Outdoor Use:

  • Use to prevent your pet, or stray animals from soiling flower beds, areas of lawn, trees, shrubbery of evergreens
  • Spray the edges of flower beds, tree trunks, patches of lawn, etc. lightly every day or every other day
  • Because stray animals are frequently attracted to areas where urine or feces have been deposited, remove any droppings from area, then spay
  • Re-apply as often as necessary until undesirable habits of animals are changed
  • Do not apply directly to foliage of shrubs or to ornamental, soft bodied plants