Home Installs

If youíre not quite ready to tackle a new project or renovation yourself, let Home Hardware Building Centre help. We install it right. Guaranteed.

Home Installs is a service offered by Rashotte Home Building Centre as a convenience to those who prefer to have their home renovation projects performed by professionals, or by those who lack the time to complete projects on their own. We install kitchens & bathrooms, exterior doors & windows, flooring, and garages.

The Convenience of Dealing with One Person
Home InstallsThe Home Installs program combines the design of a project, purchase of materials, and hiring of contractors into one easy and convenient process. You only have to deal with one person & make your payment to one company. Itís that easy!

Letís say itís time to update your kitchen. Come in to Rashotte Home Building Centre and let our design expert help you design your dream kitchen, choose the perfect cupboards, flooring, counter tops, and have it installed by one of our qualified contractors.

Concerned About the Affordability of a New Project or Renovation?
Let us explain how our Home Improvement Financing option can get you started today.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Above all, Home Installs takes the hassle out of home renovations and provides you with peace of mind. We will provide you with reliable service and quality workmanship. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by Rashotte Home Building Centre , a name you already know and trust in the community.

Preview Products Digitally Before You Buy!
Home Remodeling Software

Preview some of what our store has to offer using HomeWorks remodeling software, taking the guesswork out of your home remodeling! HomeWorks lets you apply new colours, flooring, siding, roofing, windows, doors and many other building products to actual photos of your own home. See the full potential of your renovations BEFORE you lift a hammer.

Virtual Remodeling in 3 Easy Steps

1.Import a picture from a digital camera, scanner or CD
2.Define areas to be remodeled with the easy to use tools
3.Apply unlimited combinations of siding, roofing, flooring, doors, windows and Beauti-Tone paint
From paint and flooring to windows and doors, this software is a complete digital library of over 2500 of Homeís supported and available products.

Quality Contractors
Home Installs only employs the services of highly experienced, insured, reputable, and professional contractors and craftspeople within our local community to provide complete customer satisfaction.
All of our contractors and craftspeople are registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

In order to ensure that our chosen contractors and craftspeople perform quality installations and renovations, we see our employees through a careful screening process involving referrals, reference letters, portfolio work, and on-site inspections. When you book your renovation through Home Installs, you can rest assured that the contractor or craftsperson working on your home is fully qualified and that his or her credentials have been verified beforehand.

Contact Us or Visit Our Store
Weíre conveniently located in Tweed (click here for a map). If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to call us at 613-478-2539, or email us using the contact form below.

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