Beaver Homes and Cottages

Dreaming of the perfect home or cottage? Turn your vision into a reality with the help of Beaver Homes & Cottages at Rashotte Home Building Centre!

Our Design Book has the Perfect Design Package for You

Beaver Homes and CottagesAt Rashotte Home Building Centre , dreams really do come true! From a cozy cabin in the woods to a luxurious four-bedroom city home, the Beaver Home & Cottage Design Book has the perfect design package for you. Any design can be modified, or if you donít find it in the design book, let our project coordinator help you design your own new home or cottage through our Architectural Solutions Group with professional, top quality blueprints.

Visit our Home Hardware location in Tweed and ask about the new Beaver Home & Cottage Design Book. It includes beautiful photographs of model homes and cottages, customer testimonials and photos of their homes. Plus, youíll see all the project details you need to get started.

How can Rashotte Home Building Centre help build your dream?
Home Building TraditionFor starters, pick up a copy of the Beaver Homes & Cottages Design Book in our store or contact us for an appointment to discuss your project. Itís the worry-free way to the quality home or cottage youíve always wanted!
Want to learn more? Visit the Beaver Homes & Cottages Section at for virtual tours and more.